What is bellydance?

Bellydance is a broad term covering folkloric and modern dances from or inspired by the Middle East, predominantly Egypt and Turkey. Like most dance styles, bellydance is dominated by women, however it is a dance for everyone.

But I could never learn to move like that, could I?

Whilst bellydancers appear to move their bodies in ways unfamiliar to the western audience, students are often surprised by the similarities in the various movements. For example, everyone shakes their shoulders while they’re dancing with their friends in a nightclub, but when you call it a ‘shoulder shimmy’ it suddenly sounds quite exotic.

But isn’t it ...?

Bellydance is family-friendly, having its roots in folkloric dances. Bellydance was first introduced to western culture during the Victorian age when the undulating signature movements of the dance form implied a lack of corsetry. At the time this was considered rather naughty.


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